Politics, as a phenomenon, occupies a central position in the way the public sphere is organized, at the same time influencing both our collective and individual life.

Although it seems to be “omnipresent”, the answer to the question “what is politics” is often more complex than originally imagined. Particularly during the crisis years hen politics, both as a concept and as a process, appeared, in various versions dynamically in the foreground, the answer became much less obvious. Ideological narratives were refocused, political identities and choices were redefined, party bonds interrupted, and new forms of mobilization emerged in a process that is still in progress, until a point of equilibrium is found.

In this context, the Institute for Alternative Policies, ENA, attempts to capture citizen perceptions about the political phenomenon: politicians, parties, values and concepts, trends and attitudes around which today’s policy is developing.

Τhe survey in Greek

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