In May 2019, ENA Institute for Alternative Policies introduced the annual Social Trends Bulletin, covering the most recent social developments, as well as the footprint of social policies in Greece.

In this context, following the Social Trends Bulletin #2 (April 2020), ENA publishes the working paper “Social Policy and Social Indicators 2015-2019“.

In terms of methodology, the WP exercises secondary research based on the data of the EUROSTAT 2 Survey for Income and Living Conditions in the Household 3 (EU-SILC) year 2019 (period of income report in the year 2018). This data offers an overview on the evolution of social indicators in Greece during the economic crisis, allowing conclusions to be drawn regarding the levels of inequality, poverty and social exclusion.

Overall, after the 2012-2014 period, when historic highs were recorded in several areas (unemployment, inequality, poverty and social exclusion), a gradual and significant de-escalation and improvement of social indicators can be observed from 2015 and onwards. This results to the return of several indicators to pre-crisis levels as of 2019.



Social Analysis Unit – ENA Institute for Alternative Policies