Destruction, propaganda, inaccurate statements about Greece of the crisis.

Seven myths about our country receive their answer citing argumentation based on figures and facts.

The paper “Greek Politics: checking the facts” is a product of the collaboration of the research team of the Institute and the research team of Dr. Axel Troost’s office.

It is available in three languages: English, German and Greek.

Note: The paper is the English version of Griechische Politik im Faktencheck. Was Griechenland zur Krisenbewältigung tatsächlich geleistet hat by Axel Troost, published as Online-Publikation 10/2017 in German by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in April 2017 ( The translation was provided by the Deutscher Bundestag’s translation service and it was reviewed by David Meienreis. The Greek version was produced by Institute for Alternative Policies ENA in 02/2017.