The FORCE project team and academic committee are pleased to present the project’s Final Report.

Based on a holistic assessment of opportunities, vulnerabilities and risks of new technologies, the report submits a set of policy proposals in order to develop a sustainable, fair and resilient human-centric model of the 4IR.

These proposals aim at deepening and broadening the European Union’s current initiatives to regulate the digital sector and unlocking the potential of new technologies for sustainable development.

In this context, the following issues are addressed:

  • Establishing evaluation methods of new technologies based on social value and needs
  • Increasing the participation of citizens-users of digital services in policy decisions for the 4IR
  • Establishing a general interest-based and democratic framework for the regulation of the digital economy and the 4IR
  • Supporting the production of social value through adequate legislation, policies and financing
  • Ensuring a just digital transition strategy and providing support for sectors and workers affected by technological restructurings
  • Applying the principles and best practices of digital ecology in the public and private sector
  • Developing a European strategy for unlocking the potential of Digital Commons, Commons Based Peer Production and Public Commons Partnerships
  • Fostering the participation of the European periphery in the 4IR in order to tackle intra-European inequalities.

The report is available in English and Greek.


* Report written by

Yannis Eustathopoulos, Coordinator of the FORCE Project, ENA Institute for Alternative Policies