Migration is an integral part of human history and evolution. At the same time, it is accompanied, especially in the last twenty years, by challenges for countries of destination and transit that attempt to manage migrant populations often with contradictory policies.

The Migration Policy Unit seeks to contribute to both the academic and the wider debate by generating actionable knowledge on migration, offering a holistic approach to human mobility.

The Unit, targets four thematic areas: the factors and reasons for mixed migration, migration governance with a focus on irregular migration, the role of cities in the reception and integration of migrants, and the importance of countries of transit and origin. Focusing on Greece and the European context, the Unit aims to identify global trends that have a medium or long-term impact on population movements to Greece and Europe.

The five specific objectives of the Unit are:

– Conducting interdisciplinary research

– To produce innovative knowledge on the reality of migration and integration

– To produce texts and proposals for policy makers.

– Developing partnerships with national and international institutions and researchers in the field of migration

– Public dialogue with academics, researchers, and policy makers.


Head of the Migration Unit: Angeliki Dimitriadi