Political theory is closely intertwined with progressive left-wing movements and politics. Today, political theory can be used to tackle an array of contemporary challenges.

The 2008 financial crisis led to an era of acute political polarization where traditional democratic norms are being questioned and conventional institutional structures are being challenged. At the same time, socialist perspectives and progressive ideas are also gaining ground. The current Covid-19 crisis might exacerbate these phenomena.

Against this background, the ENA Institute for Alternative Policies establishes the Centre for Political Theory so as to offer contemporary theoretical perspectives that can enable an emancipatory movement of ideas.

The ENA Centre for Political Theory:

a) Aims to develop theoretical ideas and perspectives that are associated with contemporary progressive and left-wing politics. In doing so, the Centre seeks to illuminate the multifaceted theoretical foundation of the contemporary plural Left and highlight concepts that can serve as the basis of emancipatory political action.

b) Will attempt to connect abstract philosophical ideas with alternative public policies in a tangible way. Through this effort the Centre will make an attempt to bridge the gap between ideal theory and collective political action.

c) Will seek to establish a global network of researchers and gradually build-up a “library” of progressive and left-wing publications.

d) Aspires to be an international hub that will bring together research institutes, think tanks, activists, academics, communities and grassroot political movements.

ENA Centre for Political Theory presents its publications:

Radical Republicanism: Τhe new idea of the Left? | Dr. Yiannis Kouris, Research Associate ENA, Special Adviser for Shipping for Clean Trade

Structural Injustice: A tool for emancipatory politics | Dr. Alex Bryan, Graduate Teaching Assistant, King’s College London

Covid-19: Prison uncovered | Dr. Costanza Porro, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Philosophy Department of the University of Hamburg

Disability rights: Challenges & opportunities | Dr. Adi Goldiner, Post Graduate Teaching Assistant, University College London

Race, Gender and the Republican Ideal | Dr. Alan M. S. J. Coffee, Director of Global Ethics and Human Values, King’s College London

Resource curse, authoritarian regimes & how to change the rules | Interview with Leif Wenar

Philosophy & public policy | Interview with Jonathan Wolff

Home Ownership: What territorial rights theory can tell us about the concept of home | Dr. Laura Lo Coco, Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

Citizens’ assemblies & democratic renewal | Stuart White, Jesus College, Oxford

The future of work: Radical republican perspectives | Tom O’Shea, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Roehampton

Prostitution: An equality approach | Lori Watson, Professor of Philosophy, Washington University in Saint Louis

Is pornography consumption bad for the soul? | Mari Mikkola, Professor & Chair of Metaphysics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Non-citizen workers as invisible laboring machine | Michael Ball-Blakely, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas El Paso


ENA Centre for Political Theory | Co-ordinator: Yiannis Kouris