Greece’s economic crisis revived its relationship with its Diaspora, because of the immense migrant wave and vital Diasporic and transnational philanthropic initiatives it caused. In nowadays, Greece’s ties and relationship with the Greek Diaspora has entered a new phase due to the recent legislation introduced by the Greek state related its Diaspora voting rights (Legislation Act 4648/2019).  

The Diasporic Thematic Network of the ENA Institute for Alternative Policies aims at contributing to the academic, scientific, and public dialogue by studying the interaction between the Greek state and its Diaspora and by delivering evidence-based policies with the support of reliable scientists, scholars and policy makers from Greece and the Greek Diaspora.

Towards that aim, the Diasporic Thematic Network will not only involve academic/epistemic communities to its workings, but it will also engage larger audiences and collectivities that live in Greece and abroad, thus respecting and acknowledging the Greek Diaspora’s experiences and knowledge.

The Diasporic Thematic Network’s themes are:

  • Greek Diaspora and Political rights,
  • Greek language and culture learning and tertiary education,
  • Greek Diaspora and Entrepreneurship/economy,
  • Greek Diaspora and Tourism,
  • Greek Diaspora and Culture,
  • Greek Diaspora and Foreign Policy,
  • Greek Diaspora and Shipping industry

The Diasporic Thematic Network’s aims are:

  • Delivery of interdisciplinary research by Greek, Diaspora, and international experts,
  • Delivery and dissemination of innovative knowledge related to the Diaspora via the publication of policy briefs and research papers and participation in conferences (national and international) and
  • Collaboration with organisations, researchers, universities, diasporic communities, Ministries that are responsible for policy making in the Diaspora field.


Project Coordinator: Μaria Filio Tridima [[email protected]]