In a critical period for the planet due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), ENA Institute for Alternative Policies has created an on-line thematic library compiling selected publications from international bodies, research organizations, prominent academics/researchers and other sources.

The library aims at contributing to the understanding of the various interconnected dimensions and impacts of the crisis (economic, social, individual/collective, European & international, institutional, public health etc.).

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[United Nations]

[Εuropean Council]

[European Commission]

[European Parliament]
















[Clausen Center]


[Fondation Robert Schuman]






[Les économistes atterrés]




[Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung]


[World Economic Forum]


[Αl Jazeera]

[Atlantic Council]



[Βrussels Times]

[Carbon Brief]

[Climate & Capitalism]

[Counter Punch]

[Democracy Now]

[Democratizing Work]

[Deutsche Welle]


[European Journal of Psychoanalysis]


[Financial Times]

[Foreign Policy]

[Global Inequality blog]


[Institute for Policy Studies]



[Le Monde Diplomatique]

[Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal]

[LSE Blogs]


[Monthly Review]

[New Statesman]

[New York Times]


[Progressive Economy Forum]

[Project Syndicate]


[Russia Today]

[Social Europe]


[Τhe Intercept]

[The Lancet]

[Τhe Nation]

[Vox, CEPR Policy Portal]