The Institute of Alternative Policies ENA is publishing the bilingual collective volume Contemporary Political Thought and Alternative Policies edited by Nikos Erinakis and Yiannis Kouris. This volume was the result of a collaboration with a diverse and talented writing team that included both senior academics as well as emerging voices. It is our privilege and pleasure to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the ENA Centre of Political Theory with this collective volume.

Why did we decide to publish this multitopic volume now?  At a time when social and political institutions are operating under conditions of economic, socio-political and cultural crisis, while traditional ideas and democratic institutions and politics are being challenged and traditional political agents are being discredited. However, our era is not only characterized by crisis and the collapse of outdated ideas and models but also by the need and possibilities to create new values, ideas and practices.

After all, our age is also an age of extremes. In a context of multifaceted crises (socio-economic, environmental, cultural, energy, etc.) and unprecedented challenges (digital revolution), the need arises for innovative ideas and values that will creatively transcend the multiplicity of the crisis condition and exploit the potentialities of contemporary challenges. The existing theoretical field could be enriched with ideas referring to advanced forms of radical democracy, social agency, and environmental justice. These ideas can ground a free, equal, creative, and sustainable society.

So, what is the aim of the volume? This volume aims to highlight theoretical approaches related to contemporary radical politics providing the complex theoretical basis of contemporary plural progressivism. Additionally, this volume aims to introduce into the public debate concepts that can serve as the theoretical basis of a new liberatory political practice. This work attempts to tangibly connect the field of ideas with alternative public policies bridging the gap between socio-political theorizing and collective political action. In this context, our goal was also the creative collaboration with colleagues from abroad- who live and are active in other countries of the western world- so as to highlight topics that remain unexplored in the domestic setting.

List of Contributors:

Alex Bryan, Lecturer in Philosophy, Cardiff University | Alan M.S.J. Coffee, Coffee lectures in social and political philosophy, King’s College London | Nikos Erinakis, Assistant Professor of Social & Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Culture at the University of Crete, and Director of Research ENA Institute | Adi Goldiner, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Haifa | E. Lida Katsanouli, Researcher, University College London | Yiannis Kouris, Co-ordinator of ENA Centre for Political Theory | Laura Lo Coco, Senior Lecturer in Law, Hertfordshire Law School | Mari Mikkola, Professor of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam | Tom O’Shea, Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Edinburgh | Costanza Porro, is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at MANCEPT | Lori Watson, Professor of Philosophy, Washington University | Leif Wenar, Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University |  Stuart White, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Oxford | Jonathan Wolff, Professor of Philosophy, University of Oxford.