Born in the city of Grenoble (France) in 1975. He studied Economics specialising in economic analysis and policy (Maîtrise en Sciences Economiques, Mention Analyse et Politique Economiques) at the University Pierre Mendès France (UPMF – Grenoble II). He has been working since the year 2000 as an economist and consultant in Greece and Cyprus and -at the EU-level – for organisations including Eurofound, ITC-ILO, ECORYS. From 2015 to 2019, he has been working as a senior adviser on 4 main portfolios: (a) The National Growth Strategy of Greece (b) Government ownership strategy (c) Social policy (d) EU economic governance (European Semester, National Reform Programme, mainstreaming of SDGs). His areas of expertise are:
1. Design and evaluation of public policies
2. SOEs, regulation of network industries (energy, telecommunications, water supply, etc), SGEIs
3. Strategy and policies for SMEs, innovation, productivity, regional development, structural competitiveness, the service sector and industrial policy
4. Policies on employment and social cohesion
5. Restructuring, anticipation and management of change.

He is an eligible expert of the E.C for the implementation of reforms in the fields of SOEs’ management, SMEs and business environment and labour market/social cohesion policies. He speaks Greek and French (native speaker), English and Spanish.

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