ENA Institute for Alternative Policies


The Institute for Alternative Policies ENA is activated at a critical time for Greece. At a time when social and political institutions are operating in a context of widespread economic, socio-political and cultural crisis. Traditional institutions of democracy and politics are being challenged, and existing political subjects are witnessing the downgrading of society. Therefore, there is a need for forms of collective action that will overcome the crisis of representation in the Greek public sphere through creativity and will restore citizens’ trust towards the social and political actors.

ENA perceives itself as part of a wider, progressive and left – wing movement of ideas for changing society. It will not restrict itself to recycling theoretical material that concerns only the few, but instead it will attempt to inspire many, to activate society to the extent that it is able to.


ENA’s Declaration

Ena Institute


Contribution to the creation of a new model of social organization based on a fair and solidarity-based economy, extended democratic participation and the values of radical ecology and pioneering culture

Contribution to the separation of the really new from the really old

Creation of an original field of research, study, dialogue and action for a policy in favour of social needs and the interests of subordinate classes