What is ΕΝΑ?

ENA Institute for Alternative Policies is a policy-oriented, non-profit research and training institute, focusing on issues related to European political, social and economic challenges. It specializes in the elaboration and assessment of policy proposals for the promotion of inclusive growth, the elimination of inequalities and exclusions and the strengthening of democracy and its institutions.

ENA Institute has a far-reaching experience in the organization of academic and policy-relevant events (international and regional conferences, workshops and trainings, public debates, scientific conferences, training seminars and experts’ meetings), featuring distinguished speakers and drawing the attention of students, academics and researchers, diplomats, politicians and policy-makers, but just as importantly the media and the wider public (non-expert audiences).

ENA Institute hosts a number of prestigious academic researchers and has a wide experience in institutional networks. The Institute is widely connected with academic research institutions, think tanks, international and regional governmental and non-governmental organisations, student and citizen associations and the online and traditional media.